Safehouse Shifting Tips During Coronavirus
Safehouse Shifting Tips During Coronavirus

Covid-19 has turned the entire world into a disaster. It entirely ruined human peace and turned our lifestyle upside down. 

Despite all efforts to get things normal, the number of cases is still rising in the country. But Corona has also been part of our daily problems where we have to learn to survive with it. 

Many people who had shifted due to long periods of work from home or postponed their move due to lockdown, now would be looking to shift back to their place. 

Relocation is complicated and now the pandemic has made things even worse. 

Hiring packers and movers can relieve your stress of shifting. Currently, most professionals are following safety measures and taking necessary precautions for a safe and smooth relocation.  

Most experts suggest that you should also get proper information about precautions to ensure your shifting is done more safely. 

We have listed some essential shifting tips during coronavirus:  

1. Wash hands often and avoid touching your eyes and face

As we all know COVID-19 can spread via air, touch and can leave its virus on the surface for a longer time. So after touching any surface you should sanitise to avoid infection. 

Experts say washing hands in a regular interval is best but while you are out you can not look for water and soap. So sanitiser would be a better option for an emergency. 

You can set a reminder on your phone so you do not forget to wash during the move. Also, remind your movers to wash their hands often. 

 2. Locate which zone your present and the new place falls in 

It's important to check the present status of the case ratio in both your localities, mainly because the country is unlocking and cases are increasing day by day. 

Ensure the current place and shifting place are containment-free zones. It is preferable to postpone shifting if any place falls under the red/orange zone.  

3. Limit exposure of kids and elders

More precautions need to be taken for kids and elders above 60 who are likely to get infected by the virus. So ensure they do not have any travel history and do not have any exposure to outside people. They can be isolated in a separate room to avoid risks. 

Senior citizens can plan to move via a contactless moving approach to avoid the risk of coming into contact with outside people. 

Senior citizens should choose friends or young family members to coordinate the entire move. 

4. Opt for Digital Procedure

Completing most procedures digitally can reduce the risk of getting in contact with unknown people. 

Clarify your doubts prior to phone calls or messages instead of meeting directly. Ask for invoice bills and agreements. Prefer an online payment option to a cash transaction.  

You can opt for a Virtual pre-move survey, where most movers and packers will be able to accept this request during the pandemic.  

You can give a walkthrough of your goods via video calls or pre-recorded video or images to the relocation professionals. Depending on your goods and total items movers will give an estimated price for your shifting. 


Moving during this pandemic can be challenging. Mainly when the infection is spreading like a jet, we need to be extra careful and take precautionary measures. Always ensure you give priority to your health and take care of your family. Make proper planning before and after shifting. 

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