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Why should I use JAARI Packers and Movers?

Jaari is known as the #1 packers and moving company. Our expertise includes house shifting, local shifting, intercity services, relocation services and many more. We believe serving our customers to the fullest is our duty and responsibility. So... we fall under the category of reliable packers and movers.

Jaari is a professional movers and packers service provider. We provide high-quality packing and moving services. We are a team of young professionals who value and understand the emotions attached to your valuables. So we take the utmost authority to relocate your goods. Our blend of technology into the traditional relocation industry has made our work easier and productive.

Our consistent hard work and determination helped us to serve better for our customers. We strongly believe long-lasting customer relationships have got us here.

Inculcating in them the confidence that we are the best option for their relocation, also getting rewarded as “Safe packers and movers” was not an easy task.

I am shifting to a new place, what do I do?

Shifting can be a daunting and tension filled activity for most. We at JAARI would help and reduce any stress when it comes to moving your household goods. Simply visit our site or download our App, where you can share the details of your move at your convenience, get instant pricing and pay the booking amount. We will manage everything from there on.

Does JAARI manage local shifting or Inter-City moves?

JAARI’s experienced team manages both local shifting and Inter-City moves.

When can I book my move? How many days before my move can I book?

The site is online 24*7 and you can book anytime of the day at your convenience. No waiting for office hours to contact someone, no waiting for someone to come and do a survey, no waiting for a quote, no waiting for updates on your goods! You can book up to 48 hours before shifting.

The decision of who packs – will it affect the Insurance cover?

If you are planning to take the All Risk comprehensive risk cover - then the insurance company specifies that the goods be packed and unpacked by the experienced packers and movers of JAARI . If you are planning on taking only the Base or transit risk cover, then the owner can also pack and unpack the goods. Please also go through the Risk cover terms before you plan your moving.

How long will the packing take?

The amount of time taken for packing depends on the volume of goods. We will aim to complete the packing, loading and dispatch on the same day. Depending on when the packing starts and the volume of goods – it may spill over to the next day. We will plan this with you in advance and try to make it as per your convenience. However, all the items would be picked up in one lot. Similarly, the delivery is made at one location in one lot. More than one destination address would have to be managed with separate orders.

What do I need to keep ready before the packing process?

Once you have booked the move by paying a token amount, we will be in touch with you to plan the next steps. Some important points to note are: a) It would be preferable that you are present on the day of the packing. ...If for some reason you cannot be present, please ensure an authorized representative is present with an Authority letter with your signature and a Photo ID. We would need to take the Authority letter and a photocopy of the Photo ID. b) Any equipment or furniture that needs dismantling, should be kept already dismantled. For example: Air-conditioners, RO water filters, shelves fixed on walls need to be taken out and kept ready for packing. Handyman services are not provided by the packing crew. c) If your building requires permissions or charges for entry of our vehicle or packers – kindly take all such permissions prior to the move date. Please speak to your society administration office for the necessary approvals and pay the charges. If the crew is kept waiting, additional charges may get levied.

What would be the transit time for my goods?

We offer Standard and Express move options for intercity moves. Our Application and Site will show you the standard transit time based on your inputs. If you need to use the express transit time, please do speak with our coordinator. Additional charges may apply depending on availability of an express transit mode on your route.

Does JAARI provide storage services?

Yes, JAARI Packers and Movers offers storage services. We have professionally managed warehouses located at Delhi NCR, Hyderabad ,Bangalore, Chennai,Pune. Please contact us for further details.

What all is included in unpacking?

Unpacking services include unpacking of the goods, putting the furniture at your new location and clearing of the debris. Handyman, assembly, electrician, plumbing or such related services are not included in the unpacking or delivery services.

Do I need Insurance?

While our experienced packers and movers take the utmost care in shifting your goods, subscribing to a risk cover is a good choice. Risk cover protects you in the event of an unfortunate incident. One of the top Insurance companies,New India, is our insurance partner. A risk cover note will be issued to you if you choose to subscribe. All risks shall be covered as per ITC B (basic risk cover).

How does the insurance claim process work?

In the event of a claim, we will support you as best as possible during this process. Once a claim is made, the insurance company will contact you and take you through their claim process.

Is it possible to change the packing date?

Yes, it is possible to change the packing date up to 30 hours prior to the packing date. Any changes post that would lead to creation of a new booking and forfeiting of the earlier booking amount paid.

What if I need to cancel my booking?

The booking can be cancelled anytime up to 48 hours prior to the packing date. We will refund you the booking amount less the payment gateway charges ...and any other bank or transaction charges (at 3% plus GST) within 15 working days via the original mode of payment (if applicable) or IMPS (as agreed with you). Any cancellation post that would lead to forfeiting of the earlier booking amount paid. Any refunds made of booking amount or full amount will made after deducting the payment gateway charges / bank transaction charges (at 3% plus GST).

Who do I contact for queries or any help?

For any queries, please mail us at mailus@jaari.in or call us at our customer service number at 8970225533. Our site is online 24*7 and have a Contact Us feature.