Household Shifting

Household items hold a very warm and special place in our hearts where no one wants to risk their most precious belongings to get defiled simply due to relocation. We value your fear of fragility with outmost concern.

Office Relocation

From confidential documents to dozens of printers, computer sets and furniture, we have it all sorted for you. After rigorous training and experience our staff is trained to cater to the professional needs of the office’s. We have also assisted to a large number of small and medium businesses to relocate in both inter and intra cities.

Fine Art Movements

Whether it’s moving your most expensive painting or the sculpture that you have been working on recently, JAARI can give you a third hand to help. From putting up a word to the driver to slow down on a speed breaker to using different materials for different delicate pieces, we tend to specialize in this domain where the staff is personally trained and sensitized to deliver the best.

Automobile Transfer

We know how much you love your Bike and Car and we know the biggest stress is to think about the safest means through which you could move your babies to another location without any damage.

Corporate Relocation

Corporate relocation is a very different gig on its own, that deals in its own set of complexities and expectations. We have nailed down the 5 key factors on the basis of which corporates choose their relocation partners and to your best surprise we fulfill all your checkboxes.


JAARI is very well equipped with a sound square foot warehouse where you can store your beloved or not so beloved belongings from a period of 6 months to 10 years by paying for it at a very decent cost. The place is facilitated by CCTV cameras and 24/7 security guards to prioritize the safety of your goods that’s rocking well in 5 metro cities currently.